Gaming on a Timer

About Gaming On A Timer

– What is Gaming On A Timer?

Originally, this website was created to explore a very simple premise – the “clash” between maintaining an everyday life with ever-mounting obligations and a gaming hobby in the (constantly dwindling) free time available.

Over time, the site’s identity has slowly shifted away from its initial theme of time management and into a more technical, if untrained, viewpoint towards game design, with some additional indulgence on the writer’s part towards his love of achievement systems.

– Who’s writing this?

Alex, (pen name Greygore),  is a database administrator/data analyst by day, blogger/streamer/gamer by night.

Fascinated by most gaming genres from an early age, Alex found that he had a certain aptitude at analyzing systems and mechanics, particularly feedback loops and player experience – thus, he created this blog in order to further explore these observations.

Additionally, due to a keen interest in the literary world in general, additional content was added in the form of Let’s Plays, where Alex can indulge in the more fictional aspects of writing.

– Is there any more of GreyGore’s work to be found, aside from the blog?

There sure is! As you might have noticed on the blog’s main page, this blog is also accompanied by a Twitch channel, a YouTube archive channel and a Twitter feed. More recently, a Discord channel was added to the group, to better facilitate direct interaction!

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