Gaming on a Timer

About Gaming On A Timer

– What is Gaming On A Timer, you ask?

Well, the general idea is this – what happens when a guy with a passion for games hits his thirties, and life no longer allows for hours upon hours of gaming?

This site is an attempt to archive, catalogue, discuss, explain and, above all, have fun while gaming on a tight schedule. There might also be some attempts at speedrunning, though no promises.

Updates will be as regular as time allows, with sometimes videos and/or streams complementing the material on offer.

– Who’s writing this, anyway?

Alex, a.k.a. GreyGore, a.k.a. the dude writing these in third person format cause he’s weird like that, is a database admin by day, blogger/streamer/gamer by night – so long as time permits (as of May 2017, streaming is back on schedule, hopefully with a more stable schedule).

Fascinated by most genres of games from an early age, Alex found that his love for games clashed with his now-adult day-to-day life; thus, this site was created.

– What if I want to check out more of your stuff?

You’re in luck! As you might have noticed on the blog’s main page, I’m also running a Twitch channel, a YouTube archive of said channel and a Twitter feed. If you’re interested in more of what I do gaming-wise, you can tune in to watch a stream (at around 21:00 GMT+3 on Tuesdays/Fridays and a bonus day in the weekend, announced beforehand), check out VODs of the streams on the YouTube channel or get my thoughts of the day, in 140 words or less, on Twitter.

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