Gaming on a Timer

About Gaming On A Timer

– What is Gaming On A Timer, you ask?

Well, the general idea was this – what happens when a guy with a passion for games hits his thirties, and life no longer allows for hours upon hours of gaming?

Since October 2018, the site is undergoing a slight shift in tone; I’m debating whether the domain and site name should change to something less time-oriented but, in the meanwhile, updates are aimed at getting done on a weekly basis. Keep an eye out for future developments!

– Who’s writing this, anyway?

Alex, a.k.a. GreyGore, a.k.a. the dude writing these in third person format cause he’s weird like that, is a database admin by day, blogger/streamer/gamer by night – so long as time permits.

Fascinated by most genres of games from an early age, Alex found that his love for games clashed with his now-adult day-to-day life; thus, this site was created.

– What if I want to check out more of your stuff?

You’re in luck! As you might have noticed on the blog’s main page, I’m also running a Twitch channel, a YouTube archive of said channel and a Twitter feed. More recently, a Discord channel was added to the “family”, too. If you’re interested in more of what I do gaming-wise, you can tune in to watch a stream (at around 21:00 GMT+3 daily), check out VODs of the streams on the YouTube channel or get my thoughts of the day, in 280 words or less, on Twitter.

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