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The Mythical Rush – Late Night Quickie

Adventures In Halls of Valor; Intro To The Craft of War

It’s nearly mid-October, which means that work has kicked into semi-crunch mode, i.e. 12-14 hour shifts due to the end-of-the-year bookkeeping being just around the corner. This has caused a slight change in my way of thinking regarding games; where previously it went something like “Hey, I never played this game and it’s been sitting in my library for ages, fire it up!“, now it goes along the lines of “Oh man, only got an hour or so to play, let’s just try something familiar and easy to get into“.

Owing to this, and a slight health problem back in the beginning  of September, which had me hospitalized and subsequently home-bound for three weeks, I’ve once again picked up my old “bad” habit, World of Warcraft (as some readers might’ve already picked up on by the title).

The three weeks I was stuck at home dealt with the leveling and gearing quite nicely; I’m currently running a Restoration/Enhancement Shaman and I’m currently sitting at around 854 item level, which means that I can comfortably run most of the intermediate content presently on offer – Normal and Heroic raids, as well as  Mythic dungeons up to +3 or +4 difficulty are moderately challenging but definitely doable.

However, this being an MMO and me not having enough time to invest in scheduled raiding means that a raiding guild is out of the question; therefore, any group content that I might do is almost exclusively with random players through the Looking for Group tool. This of course means way less coordination usually (with the rare, pleasant exception here and there), which in turn increases the difficulty somewhat.

And in the world of one-hour playing sessions, difficulty is… undesirable.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a few fun runs as well; I can usually find enough time to complete a +3 or +4 Mythic run each week (which in turn guarantees an item that may or may not be an upgrade at the next server reset), plus Looking For Raid and World Quests can fill in the gaps when Mythics are not available and/or feasible to run.

I also managed to capture footage of this week’s Mythic+ run in Halls of Valorsadly only at +3 difficulty but an altogether fun run nonetheless. You can find it embedded below for your viewing pleasure, as well as archived in my YouTube channel:

I’m actually moderately pleased at how the run went; no major screw-ups except the bit at the end where we failed to utilize the Mugs of Mead to skip a group of enemies (which might’ve saved us around 45 seconds to a minute).

Mainly, though, my issue with Halls of Valor is the dialogue between bosses – there’s at least a solid two or three minute time period where all the lore stuff plays out between Odyn and God-King Skovald, which makes the last fifth of the dungeon feel incredibly slow. I’d also venture an opinion that this Mythic (along with most of the Legion group content, by the looks of it) is not particularly friendly towards melee specializations – Halls of Valor in particular require a lot of movement during boss encounters, which cuts down on DPS drastically – but that’s a blog post for another time.

The final tally for time taken was at around 45-50 minutes, factoring in travel, preparations and “shopping” around LFG for a fifth party member; all in all, pretty decent for only having an hour to play. Looking forward to making more of these videos, hopefully with sound this time around (as I was also on a Skype call at the time and couldn’t capture audio).

If you want to know more about my Warcraft adventures or are curious to learn about some of the terms and concepts mentioned above, drop a line in the comments section below or on my Twitter account!

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