Gaming on a Timer

Beginnings of a Site – Gaming on a Timer

Where Introductions Are Made; Purposes Are Stated

When I initially began messing around with blogging, back in the far off times of 2011, I had no real purpose or coherent theme for my blog: rant a bit, opine a lot about gaming, get a feel for the whole blogging scene – these seemed like good enough goals at the time. Simple stuff, fit for a simpler schedule (university near-graduates having a lot of free time, which presumably would have been better spent getting drunk, or so I’m told).

Currently, though, there is a much clearer – if no less amusingly bad – goal in mind: see, being in my thirties, with a family of my own, a full-time job and a lot of responsibilities being juggled, I find my free time coming at a very high premium nowadays. Thus, Gaming on a Timer was born (Gaming on a Schedule, Budget Gamer and a few others already being taken).

Hopefully, going forward I’ll be able to keep you updated with my (mis)adventures in gaming on a very, very limited time budget; a Twitch channel titled Greygore Plays (and its sister archiving channel in YouTube) are also sporadically updated with new content for your amusement… time permitting, naturally.

Finally, a word of apology to any members of the speedrunning community that visit this site – the titular Timer is not as literal as you might have hoped, but I might try a bit of speedrunning myself occasionally (no promises though).

Hope your visits here are pleasant, and the blog is as fun for you to read as it is for me to write.

2 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Site – Gaming on a Timer”

  1. So many gaming possibilities condensed in one picture. Any chance smartphone games might be occasionally be covered? Like those 10-15 hours long RPG by Kemco


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