Gaming on a Timer

One Year Later…

So, for those dedicated souls that were reading my blog habitually (all five of you), it must have felt like a very abrupt stop to my posts. There are several good reasons for this:

Most of my time was spent divided between my senior year’s studies (final year of college) and the end of semester presentation for my Industrial Informatics degree (something akin to a thesis in more theoretical circles). Between juggling classes for Robotics, Integrated Circuitry, Artificial Intelligence and about ten other subjects and trying to assemble, program and case-test what turned out to be a monster of a stand-alone server (based on an STK600 MCU – now exactly my first choice but you have to work with what you are given, eh?) and companion Android app, time was scarce for much of gaming.

Faulty and dangerous, best of both worlds
(I actually managed to solder a few wires before being burned!)

As a result of that, the few hours I could have spared for blog post were either used for sleep or (rarely) for those few social interactions I could manage outside of the project/ studies circle.

WAVECOM GSM Modem: About €50
Finding out it’s faulty a month before the deadline: Priceless

A tiny amount of time was also spent recuperating from a minor nervous breakdown that resulted from actually trying to do the entire thing within four months (the standard semester duration, sans holidays) and having to deal with the inefficiency of local businesses and civil services (including, but not limited to, faulty hardware being delivered for the project, my laptop’s power supply frying due to power surges caused by the power company going on strike and lack of government funding for the aforementioned project due to technicalities) and a ten-day long gastroenteritis period right before the end-term exams began.

Even the presentation was plagued by the college’s inefficiency;
table was dragooned from a nearby student gathering.


I’ve since moved back home (sans degree, yet) and between job-hunting, apartment-seeking and general restructuring of that social life thing, I’ve once again become somewhat active in gaming; long story short, expect a few new blog posts in the upcoming days .

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